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We believe in a new world based on computer enabled distributed trust, where hardware and software technologies finally will enable Users to transact (exchange, buy, sell, rent or trade) (more)



REALTHIUM Whitepaper is not endorsed by any Government authority and may not be redistributed or published, in part or in whole, for any purpose, without the prior written (more)



The REALTHIUM Project aims to create, in its first phase, a platform of proprietary Real Estate Assets, where REALTHIUM’s ERC-20 (more)


Blockchain revolution

Blockchain is a fancy word nowadays. It all comes down to applied cryptography, distributed storage (the Distributed Public Ledger) (more)


About us

All kind of Assets, and Real Estate assets in first place, can transfigure into “self managing entities”, able to autonomously interact with Humans (more)



Blockchain is a fancy word nowadays. It all comes down to applied cryptography, distributed storage (the Distributed Public Ledger) (more)




Frequently Asked Questions

REALTHIUM (RHT) tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens that will be distributed on the Ethereum blockchain.

From June the 12th 2018 any Backer ho has pledged money on our Project through Demetra Valley will be contacted to verify its identity and provide a compatible wallet where the tokens will be sent.

The REALTHIUM Token is to be considered in this stage of development as an Utility token or a Hybrid token according to the MME BCP (Blockchain Crypto Property Classification model) and is intended to be used for acquiring services or utilities rendered by Assets listed on our proprietary platform plus membership to REALTHIUM, with privileged account benefits including potential discounts on services or additional service on an exclusive basis, and priority access to further token offerings.

The Company will undertake a reward based crowdfunding campaign hosted on Demetra Valley; our Backers will receive a voucher, either digital, paper or physical one, to certify their rights to receive a specific amounts of RHT tokens when the distribution event will take place according with the timing set forth in the Whitepaper.

We want to skip interoperability of technologies and legal issues. Actually, we plan to liberate our assets and have them autonomously managing revenues and expenses: this is simply impossible in the usual business scenario, where capital deployment in real estate is purely driven by profit and our technological upgrade oriented approach, with unclear revenues generation model, might be impossibile to execute otherwise.

At this point in time we are oriented towards CRE (Commercial Real Estate) and Multifamily Properties, as they seem to us the easiest way to scale up quickly in terms of Users/Euro invested.

No. REALTHIUM tokens will only be distributed as part of the Reward packages we owe to Backers, for no actual monetary value.

Yes, Founders will be granted 10% of the available REALTHIUM tokens over a period of 10 years as a recognition of their effort and vision.

As a private company, REALTHIUM will utilize proceeds from the campaign in its sole discretion. This is the intended usage of the proceeds by the way:

  • 35% (max, depending on final fund raising commissions) – Demetra fund raising commissions
  • 50% – Real Estate Ecosystem build up
  • 15% – Operations

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