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Token RHT Bonus 100%

Dear Realthium community, we’re happy to announce that from June 15th 2018 until the end of August 2018 our Backers will receive a 100% RHT tokens Bonus for any of the pledge packages selected on Demetra Valley’s platform as a way to incentivize the fund raising process.

Alessio BorsatoToken RHT Bonus 100%

RHT Tokens have been created!

500.000.000 RHT tokens have been created on the 12th of June 2018.

Realthium Contract address is 0x50d1eea88e9be7a39601f4b693887e21a601fd58, and you can also check our verified signature at the address

From June the 12th onward, our Backers  will receive directly RHT tokens in their Ether wallet instead of vouchers as part of the rewards granted for monetary pledges.
Backers who have already pledged money will be contacted to provide the Ethereum wallet address where to receive their tokens: we don’t provide recommendations on wallets, but please bear in mind that it must be an ERC20 compatible wallet.
Addresses provided by exchanges (e.g. Coinbase Ethereum addresses) are not eligible for receiving RHT tokens, as we cannot assure or imply the exchange smart contract to manage ERC20 tokens or fall them back in case of wrongful transfer.

Alessio BorsatoRHT Tokens have been created!

Crowdfunding campaign

Our Reward Based Crowdfunding Campaign is now live on!

Alessio BorsatoCrowdfunding campaign