Our beloved and precious Backers will receive a digital, paper or physical Vouchers to certify their rights to receive a specific amounts of our RHT tokens.

The token Distributions event will take place by June the 30th 2019 as set forth in our Whitepaper.

Being a reward based crowdfunding campaign, our Vouchers and Tokens hold no monetary value, as they are to be considered simply as a reward for Backers financial support, notwhithstanding our legal obligation to complete our Project and deliver our hybrid tokens to our Backers.

REALTHIUM has agreed to the economic Terms of Service of DEMETRA VALLEY Limited, which requires to pay the platform a basic compensation equal to 8% of the raised funds plus the exact amount of commissions (around 30% of the funds raised) paid by Demetra to its network of professional fund raisers as per signe. Service Agreement,

Considering our Funding Goal, the fact that we are a pre-revenues start-up in a (somehow) controversial market, we definitively consider the Fees reasonable.

REALTHIUM may undertake offerings of RHT from its reserve in the future.

Our Funding Goal is 30.000.000 Euro

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