We dream of a world based on computer enabled distributed trust, where hardware and software technologies finally enable End Users, either humans or machines, to exchange Unit of Values instantly, securely, transparently, and cheaply, without any need for Centralized bodies to validate transactions, often locally, typically inefficiently. Information won’t be used any longer to manipulate the market.


Blockchain can innovate Real Estate market in many ways:

  1. High data availability and reliability: this is all about the Distributed Ledger or the distributed storage architecture that makes multiple copies of the ledger holding transactions history available;

2.Timing: transactions can happen almost in real-time, and that means a lot in terms of overall efficiency and security;

3.Trust: blockchain implements a trustless environment, where two (or more) entities can make a transaction without need for a central body to validate it;

4.Incorruptible chain: when you try to manipulate transactions (for double spending fraud, for example), you’d better have a significant stake of the global, worldwide computing power under your belt otherwise it is simply impossible not to break the chain and make new transactions possible;

  1. Censorship: not such a thing in our world, because People get compensated to maintain the network and no one wants anyone to tell him if they can or cannot do it.

REALTHIUM is going to be a leading company in the new Internet of Values, built on top of the blockchain technology: Assets will market their services directly to Users through Smart Contracts, with no need for middlemen, the Point of Sales being either REALTHIUM exchange or physical “gates” like blockchain technology enhanced house doors.

We need critical mass to set up our real estate ecosystem, not because we’re in love with the concept of owning real estate for the sake of greed: we want to prove our Vision can efficiently work in a statistically significant portion of the real world. We don’t want to be manipulated by any Big Money guy out there.

We don’t see real estate as an investment class and we do believe this is a totally misleading way to consider it.

Real estate should not be regarded as a way to hold value because this is a implicitly speculative approach, even though people don’t realize it.

A real estate asset’s market value, or price, should instead reflect the market value of the Unit of Services it can supply in its lifecycle (or in its remaining portion) in a free market regime.